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Introduction to Ophthalmoscope and process of Ophthalmoscopy/Fundoscopy – Biomedical Tech World



The term Ophthalmic means ” relating to the eye and its diseases”.

Ophthalmoscopy is the medical test that is carried out to observe inside the fundus of the eye and other structures using an ophthalmoscope device. Ophthalmoscopy is also known as Fundoscopy. The fundus is the part of the eyeball opposite the pupil. This process is mainly considered an essential part of the comprehensive eye examination. The ophthalmoscopy process is done to detect and evaluate symptoms of retinal detachment or eye diseases such as glaucoma, eye tumor and many other kinds of eye problems.

This process is done in the Ophthalmology department of hospitals.

There are two different types of ophthalmoscopes to perform ophthalmoscopy:

  1. Direct Ophthalmoscope
  2. Indirect Ophthalmoscope

1.  Direct Ophthalmoscope:

This is a handheld ophthalmoscope that is used by Ophthalmologists to look into the patient’s eye. It provides good, but limited visualization of the back of the eye. The viewer must be very close to the face of the patient. This exam produces an upright image of approximately 15 times magnification.

2. Indirect Ophthalmoscope:

The indirect ophthalmoscope is mounted on the head of the viewer and a condensing lens is held close to the eye. The viewer is about arms-length away from the patient. It provides the viewer a much wider field of vision of the back of the eye and the view shows elevation and depth like 3D.

Indirect ophthalmoscopes use halogen bulbs as the light source although many newer models use LED light sources. The newer models may incorporate battery packs that can be worn on the examiner’s belt or can even be incorporated into the headband itself. These make it possible to use indirect ophthalmoscope without the movement restrictions caused by power cables.


An ophthalmoscope contains perforated lenses and mirrors, to effectively detect a variety of disorders in the eye, as well as disorders of other organs that may be reflected in the eye.


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