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What is Laryngoscope ? How laryngoscopy is done? – Biomedical Tech World



The laryngoscope is medical equipment that is being mostly used in the ENT (Ear Nose Throat) department of Hospitals. This device is used by medical practitioners and doctors to observe the Larynx.


It is an organ of the body commonly known as “Voice Box”, present in the top of the Neck. It is the housing to vocal cords which make sound by vibration as we speak.


The endoscopy of the larynx is called Laryngoscopy.
Most of the time, doctors do laryngoscopy to take samples of your tissues, to find and remove something stuck in there, or to figure out why you have a cough or sore throat.









There are two types of laryngoscopy techniques:

1. Indirect Laryngoscopy:

This type of Laryngoscopy does not require any specific medical equipment. A mirror is used to observe the throat and larynx by focusing light from an external source. The mirror for this procedure is known as Laryngeal Mirror.
The defogging agent is applied to the mirror to prevent fogging. The image observed, in this case, is the reversed image.








2. Direct Laryngoscopy:

This is the most common and advanced procedure being used worldwide. Direct Laryngoscopy is done using Laryngoscope device.









The laryngoscope is basically a tool to examine throat and larynx. The structure of laryngoscope device is composed of :

1. Handle:

As the name tells, this is the part used for handling this device. It looks like a small barrel. It also provides power for light because it contains batteries in it.

These handles are available in different sizes.










2. Blade:

This is the major part of laryngoscope. Blade is inserted in the mouth during laryngoscopy. Blades are available in different sizes based upon the age of the patient. Following table represents the size of the base being used for the category of patients according to their size:









Size Usage category
000 Small premature infant
00 Premature infant
0 Neonate
1 Small Child
2 Child
3 Adult
4 Large Adult
5 Extra Large Adult

A blade of laryngoscope can be further labelled into following different parts:

  1. Base
  2. Heel
  3. Tongue
  4. Flange
  5. Tip
  6. Light source/Bulb

On the basis of shape, blades are common of two types:

 1. Macintosh type:

It is curve-shaped laryngoscope blade introduced by Macintosh in 1943. It lifts epiglottis indirectly.

 2. Miller Type:

It is a straight laryngoscope blade with a little curve at its tip, introduced by Miller in 1946. Doctors prefer miller blade laryngoscope on the pediatric patient. It lifts epiglottis directly.








Due to advancement in technology, many companies also introduced video laryngoscopes. These laryngoscopes comprise of a good quality camera fixed on the blade and the monitor unit to examine the live and recorded videos from laryngoscopy of the patient.











Following are few of the names of companies who are manufacturing laryngoscopes:

  • Welch Allyn
  •  Hersill
  • Marshall
  • Besmed
  • Opticlar

If you know more details about laryngoscopes or you want to share a few other names of companies who manufacture this device, then comment out the details below.

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